Thursday, August 11, 2011

Why I love TopShape

 Why I love TopShape Fitness 

I love TopShape Fitness! It’s great to be able to train in a nice, quiet and private gym, with one-on-one guidence. The staff is very knowledgeable; and as a disabled athlete I am confident that I am following a training program that suits my needs and the needs of my sport. I feel that training at TopShape has improved many areas of my life, such as day-to-day activities and of course my game play.

Since training at TopShape, I am stronger, my stamina has increased and I feel more stable on and off the ice! Peter Morel has developed a sport specific training program, that is tailored to my individual needs,goals and stresses and movements of the sport! His knowledge of adaptive training is unsurpassed and is of great help to any athlete looking to get in the best condition possible.

I highly recommend TopShape to anyone looking to get in better shape for competition.

Marc Dorion                                       
Team Canada                                                               
Paralympic Gold Medalist and World Champion