Friday, June 17, 2016

Yes Girls Can Do Pullups!

  My experience with thousands of clients over 20 years have taught me that there is really only 1 way to teach women to do proper pull-ups. The gravitron or other unweighting machines don't work. Using bands don't work. The only 2 things that work are, doing pullups and using exercises to strengthen the contributing muscles. Your traps, lats, rhomboids, serratus, rotators, biceps, delts and core have to be supper strong.

Follow this progression, adding these movements to your regular program and you will be well on your way to using your upper body to overcome your body weight.

The quest for the perfect female pull-up.
 Phase 1: passive hanging holds, allow proper activation of thoracic spin as well as much needed flexibility in this area. 4 weeks

Phase 2: Active hanging scapular retractions.  This is where you really get to strengthen and activate rotator cuff muscles as well as traps and rhomboids. 4 weeks

Phase 3: chin-up holds. Here is where you really get to test muscular endurance as well as build strength in the biceps, shoulder and core. You guessed it, 4 weeks.

Give this progression a try and up the weight on associated muscle groups during your regular training.  Please follow our blog and subscribe to our YouTube channel to help us out.

Mike Hayden

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